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    ouzo honey lemonade

    So we’ve had this bottle of Ouzo we bought for a Greek themed birthday party (remember parties?), and besides taking the post-party celebratory shot… the bottle has just been sitting there for…

  • Food + Wine


    …because we better learn quick how to make the things we love. I really don’t want to go into any coronavirus details. Do you? You’re getting all of that elsewhere and we…

  • Food + Wine

    green tea cooler

    Let me explain to you precisely why I created this recipe. First let me allow you to paint a mental picture of current Me. I am in extra large sweatpants and extra…

  • Food + Wine

    Pickled Bloody Marys

    Hello. Hi. Howdy. So I was asked to create recipes using McClure’s Pickles… basically just play around and have fun with several jars of pickles. Ya know. Normal human stuff.…

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