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    green tea cooler

    Let me explain to you precisely why I created this recipe. First let me allow you to paint a mental picture of current Me. I am in extra large sweatpants and extra…

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    Pickled Bloody Marys

    Hello. Hi. Howdy. So I was asked to create recipes using McClure’s Pickles… basically just play around and have fun with several jars of pickles. Ya know. Normal human stuff.…

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    Old Tom Mule

    Have we discussed how much I love gin?  If you know me, but at all, you know all about my love for gin.  Gin is my jam. I could change the name…

  • Food + Wine

    Cucumber Kiwi Cooler

    I’ve kinda been on a healthy frozen cocktail ride lately.  I’ve become a bit obsessed with making delicious summery drinks without all the usual added sugar.  It’s been a lot of fun!…

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    Family Vacation pt.1

    We arrived in Murrell’s Inlet, SC late Sunday afternoon. My husband went to the store and I stayed at the house while the little one napped. I baked up some Rosemary-Romano Shortbread*,…