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The Upside of Down

Whenever I feel a little stale, I flip myself upside down. (Wait.  Are you laughing?) Whether I’m maybe a little sad about something, tired, bored, stressed, (bloated)…hanging upside down for a little bit really helps.  It’s really quite a rush, to be honest.  Add I know that sounds so hippie of me, but it’s true.  I’m upside down a lot…I would know.So in lieu of a standard Workout Wednesday post where I would perhaps share a tip or new routine with you all, I decided to share how my three year old daughter and I now bond…in picture form.  You know, just what we do to hang out in our spare time…

It is true that our children will copy whatever it is that they see us do.  She’s just seen a lot of upside down mommy lately and my husband and I would find her in various rooms of the house trying to do it herself…


So yesterday she and I decided to be upside down together.  And below are the snapshots of our afternoon, in chronological order (and no, she’s not injured in any of them-don’t worry!).  And then at the end there’s a short video I made for Instagram of it all coming together.  (That child loves having her video taken…a trait she surely must have come up with on her own…)
she doesn’t realize she’s backwards…
and I just don’t have the heart to tell her…


nice catch, mommy.


she got her feet up!




the look on her upside down face, looking back at me, is priceless- so, so pleased and proud.

YouTube video:


(And if you listen closely at the beginning of the video, she’s saying, ‘OK, I’m in position!’…she’s cuing me in, that little pro.  And then, at the end she totally leaves me high-five hangin’ and instead opts to cheese in front of the camera…it’s a mystery how she became so camera-comfy.)Oh, the giggles, oh the fun we had.  And that’s all it takes.  That’s all it takes to have a special moment with your child centered around something fun and different and healthy.  It doesn’t have to be by doing inversions on the front door, it could be taking a walk to collect sticks and leaves outside, it could be seeing who can jump the highest, it could be baking something healthy in the kitchen together.  No matter the activity, your kids need to know that being healthy and active is simply a way of life.  And that it’s fun.

And sometimes they just need to know you’re always there to hang out with them whenever they want.

One of my family’s favorite things to bake together, that just so happens to be incredibly healthy, is my G-Free, Processed Sugar Free Coconut Banana Bread.  My kids have always loved to peel the bananas for this recipe, to use the electric beaters, to crack the eggs into the bowl, and to stir it all together.  And everyone, big and small, loves this recipe.  EVERYONE.
Then there are a few others that we all love as well!!
*Pumpkin Bread (G-free, the super healthy version!)
*Chocolate Brownie Cups (these contain pureed chickpeas instead of any flour!!)
*(Avocado) Chocolate Pudding (G-free, Dairy free, raw)
*Raw, Vegan, Chocolate Pudding Pie (THE BEST raw/vegan chocolate dessert recipe. SWEAR!)
*Raw, Coconut-Almond Cookie Balls (a great breakfast, snack or dessert item and so easy to make!)
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!!!
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