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Thirsty Thursday!!- The Best Bloody Mary Mix

I’m generally not a pre-made product person. I like to make my own stuff…it’s just the controlling part of my personality, I suppose. Plus, generally when you’re buying things pre-done, you’re often left with a lot of unnecessary preservatives and additives. This also goes for drink mixes. I was asked the other day, on Cinco de Mayo, in fact, what margarita mix I recommend buying and I just flat out said…’none!!’ I don’t want to sound snobbish but honestly, storebought drink mixes are so sweet and filled with dyes and bad-for-you ingredients that I simply stay away from them all.

There is, however, one exception.

The Bloody Mary is one drink that I’m OK drinking from a mix…as long as it’s the right one. I’m very picky about my Bloody Marys, as I don’t drink them that often so when I do, I want it to be perfect. I like them spicy, thick, and extremely complex in flavor. I simply won’t drink it if it’s tomato juice and celery.
My dad used to spend hours perfecting his Bloody Mary mix before our Christmas party when I was young. He would sit at the kitchen counter, giant pot in his lap, stirring and tasting, adding more Clamato, a dash more Worcestershire, a shake or two more of celery seed, stirring and tasting, stirring and tasting, until he got it right. And it was always the hit of the party. But I don’t always have my daddy on hand to make me a drink (he also won’t tell me what’s in his mix. I’ve asked him for his recipe, I just got off the phone with him as a matter of fact, and all I got was, ‘it’s a SECRET!!’)…so I’ve found a mix that is so good, even my father approves.
Napa Valley Distillery’s The Real Dill- 100% Natural Bloody Mary Mix
This stuff is incredible. And worth every penny. I absolutely adore this company for so many reasons and everything I’ve gotten from them I have fallen in love with (I’m sure you’ll here more about my favorites on a future Thirsty Thursday!!).
I first came across Napa Valley Distillery when I was in Napa on a writing assignment. I bought a couple things to bring home as gifts (mainly because the packaging was so beautiful!!) and once I tasted everything, I was hooked. I’ve since bought many more things from them.
So when I want a Bloody Mary, a real Bloody Mary, the kind that threatens to put hair on my chest, and can’t seem to pin my father down, you will find this stuff in my fridge. It’s no secret, but it tastes like it should be. And trust me, it’s the Real Dill.
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