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Light, Springtime Wine (Perfect for Daytime Sippin’!)

It’s Spring!! About time, right? And when the weather warms up and has promised to be here to stay, I wanna drink light, crisp, white wines. I also tend to find myself in more and more situations when daytime drinking is asked of me in the Spring and Summer (that’s not just me, right?)…which brings me to today’s topic. I love a daytime drink, I do. I just don’t love how I feel when 5:00 actually rolls around. So here’s my best friend when it comes to daytime wine drinking-

Vinho Verde. No, the wine is not green. (In the color sense.) It refers to the fact that the wine is very young once bottled and consumed. There is actually a date on the bottle telling you when it was ‘born’ to ensure that you’re getting something fresh and ‘green’. 
Vinho Verde is a Portuguese table wine, a blend of several otherwise unfamiliar grapes, that (usually) has a bit of effervescence, so it’s perfect on a warm, sunny day. Vinho Verde’s are also very low in alcohol, making them easy to enjoy early in the day without the negative side effects. (I will also take a huge risk right now and reveal to you all that I drank this wine when I was pregnant with my daughter, (my second child)…I did so in my third trimester, half a glass worth, on occasion.)
You can find a lot of different Vinho Verdes at most wine stores, and grocery stores are starting to carry a few more options. Here’s my best advice- don’t spend more than $15 on a bottle of Vinho Verde. It’s just not necessary. They are really nice, light, inexpensive wines by nature. 
Some of my easy-to-find favorites are listed below-
Gazela for around $7:

Casal Garcia for around $6:

Aveleda for around $7:
Broadbent for around $9:


All of these can be found at Total Wine & More. 
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