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Thirsty Thursday- my current fav beer

I know I talk a lot about wine…perhaps sparkling wine in particular…but I do not discriminate against other forms of beverages. No, that would be rude.
I’ve had Victory beers in the past, even their other IPA’s before (my favorite beer style), but just stumbled upon this one last month while perusing the Total Wine aisles. 
(Victory HopDevil)
And once I tried it, I haven’t been able to stock my fridge with another.
To make HopDevil, Victory uses American hops and German malts in their brewing. It’s bold, delightfully bitter, there’s a toasted caramel/malty flavor to it, some pine and orange zest…
It’s just my jam.
Plus, Beer Advocate gives it a 91, so you don’t even have to take my word for it.HopDevil would pair well with sharp cheeses, specifically a good extra sharp cheddar, anything grilled, and saucy-barbecued meats.  OR you can do what I do and just sip it on its own…in your yard…in the sun…by yourself…

(Nothing wrong with that, right?)

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