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¿Tiene muchas tortillas?

So you now have large amounts of flour tortillas leftover from Cinco de Mayo. If you celebrated it with only a few people and bought a new pack for the occasion, you’re probably left with at least a couple in the fridge. I thought I’d give a few new ways to use them up since you probably don’t want to look at another burrito any time soon.
The first is using it as a crust for quiche. You can season your custard however you’d like and add whatever meats or veggies sound good to you, but this is what I did the other day…
*Sweet Potato Tortilla Quiche
-Place one large (10-12in) flour tortilla in a greased pie plate
-Thickly slice 1 large sweet potato and season both sides with cinnamon, cumin, sugar and s&p. Roast, bake or saute in olive oil or butter until fully softened. (If you’re really lazy, just ‘bake’ the sweet potato in the microwave and then slice it once it’s cooked through.)
-Place slices on the tortilla crust and cover with grated extra sharp cheddar cheese.
-In a large bowl whisk together 3 eggs, 1/2 cup sour cream and 1/2 cup plain yogurt, season with s&p, freshly grated nutmeg and dijon mustard
-Pour over the potatoes and cheese.
-Bake at 375* for 30-40mins or until golden brown and set in the middle.
-Cool on a rack
*Chicken and Dumplings
-Make your chicken and dumplings however you normally do and cut thick strips out of several flour tortillas to drop into your boiling stock. Allow them to fully soften, and plump up a bit before serving.
*Taco Salads
-Mold a large 10-12in. flour tortilla over an inverted small, oven-safe crock or bowl and place on a cookie sheet. You may need to moisten both sides of the tortilla with a bit of water to make it more pliable. Spray both the outside of the crock/bowl and both sides of the tortilla with cooking spray and bake at 350* for about 10-15mins, or until it’s golden brown all over. Invert and use as the bowl for your taco salad. It becomes super crispy and you’ll never miss the fried version.
(*tip-when assembling your salads, I find dressing your lettuce makes all the difference. My favorite is a cumin-lime vinaigrette. Zest and juice 2 limes, season with 2 TB of sugar, 1/2 tsp or so of ground cumin and a good pinch of salt and pepper, then whisk in some extra virgin olive oil until thickened.)
*Lunch Sushi
-Pack a fun lunch for your kid by making a roll-up out of his favorite sandwich and slice into 2in-wide pieces. Turkey and cheese, Peanut butter and jelly, hummus and roasted red pepper- anything works as long as it can be spread thinly so the ‘sushi’ pieces stay in tact. Serve with a fun dipping sauce.
*Baked Tortilla Chips
-Pile up as many tortillas as you’d like and cut the stack like a pizza, into triangles. Place in one even layer on a greased baking sheet and spray with cooking spray. Sprinkle with s&p and spices if you’d like and bake at 375* until golden brown. And don’t think you can only serve these with salsa or guacamole, the mild flavor of the flour tortilla lends itself to any dip. But this also works with small, soft corn tortillas.

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  • Reply Tinky May 10, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Abbey, you are a creative girl. I'll never complain about leftover tortillas again (although I may give the PB&J a miss)…….

  • Reply Everyday Champagne May 10, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    Ahh… but if you were a four year old, you'd love it 🙂 Thanks Tinky!

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