How to bring old nail polish back to life

I have, like 30 different nail polishes. I can barely close the drawer… 

And they range from nude to black, with every rainbow color in between. And since I can’t seem to keep polish on my nails with the job that I do, I’m constantly changing up my manicure. This means I’ve got a lot of bottles that I put in rotation…and most of them I’ve had for awhile. (I have trouble throwing things a away…)

When nail polish gets old, it gets thick and clumpy and impossible to apply correctly. But instead of throwing yours away, give it new life with this simple tip-

All you need is a bottle of your old polish and some nail polish remover!! 


Simply add a few drops of nail polish remover to your old polish (only a few, small drops at a time. Too much can ruin it), roll it between your hands to mix (never shake a polish bottle!!!-it creates tiny, almost invisible air bubbles inside the polish and you won’t get a smooth finish on your nails). And you’ve got the perfect consistency again on your favorite nail polish. 
How easy is that?
Your welcome. 
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