Why a cold shower is actually a good idea

This is a really short and quick tip- I promise I won’t keep you for long. And it pertains to anyone who shaves their legs..

When you’re shaving your legs in the shower or tub, do it under COLD water and your legs will be smoother longer.
But, ‘why?’, you may be asking. Here’s why- because what happens when you’re cold? You get goosebumps, yes? And what happens to your legs when you get those goosebumps? Those perfectly smooth legs you just spent so much time shaving immediately become brittle again. Damn goosebump.
But what is a goosebump?  (Don’t blame the goose, it wasn’t his idea to be included in ruining your legs.)
When you’re cold, the muscle fiber connected to a hair follicle tightens, the skin surrounding the follicle puckers and pulls the connected hair up, thus creating that ‘goose skin-like bump’. So basically that goosebump brings up secret hair that you thought you just got rid of.
But if you shave your legs in the cold water, with the goosebumps already there, you’re gonna have a better and smoother, longer lasting result because you’re shaving all your hair. You’re beating the goosebump to the punch, taking away all its evil superpowers and the poor, innocent goose can once again rest easy. 
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