True Crime

There is so much chatter around the Danny Masterson case. About who or what may or may not have supported him during and after his choices. About the church of scientology and their role in it.
We’re questioning celebrities we thought we trusted. We’re reading and analyzing transcripts. We’re debating what is just and what is not.
But that’s far from what needs the most attention and nurturing.

I typed this into my phone on my Peloton this morning.

Being raped, molested and sexually assaulted is also a crime of larceny.
It is an overthrowing of your self government.
It is a hijacking of your spirit.
It is arson of your soul.
It is assault with a deadly weapon.
It is coercion.

And it is a lifetime of blackmail.

Your body is stolen.
Your words are stolen.
Your trust is stolen.

For the rest of your life, your body is a crime scene that you are forced to walk around in – looking at, and feeling, all of the evidence
without ever finding justice.

Whether there is vindication for the victim, punishment for the assailant, or silence around it all, the case is never closed.

And the pain, the damage,
most importantly,

that thievery
of trust

never goes away.

It will fester for the rest of your life.

As a survivor of multiple counts of forced entry, I will tell you that it gets better. Then it gets harder. Then better again.
And if you have children, it gets harder than it ever was –
Your life is now a long game of defense and strategy.

But you learn how to cope and manage. You hone a skill no one else has-
You know exactly who someone is the moment you meet them, and you don’t take shits from anyone.

And when you find the pure people, you Velcro them to your heart.
You need them to survive.

You are not cruel. You are not cold.
You are a hot plate vacillating between comfortably tepid and raging heat.

You are never the same, but you have a remarkable chance to build your own Something New.
And with the grace of whatever power you choose to put your faith into, you will find a strong community that surrounds you
and never lets you forget your worth and strength.

And who will never. Ever. Do anything to you that reminds your body or your mind of what it lost all those years ago.

I will forever be someone who was robbed of something before I had the chance to earn something of my own.

And I will always be the strongest person in the room because of the superpower I created from it.


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