The 200 squat challenge

Yeah, so I love to workout. You probably already know that about me so I won’t harp on it. I do it everyday for a variety of reasons. And maybe you do too, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re sitting at work reading this and thinking to yourself, ‘I probably should exercise a bit more… I would, but… I just don’t have the time…’ But what I personally love about working out is that it never takes me long to do it…or else I wouldn’t be doing as much, trust me. I’m a busy mom- I don’t have time to stay in the gym for hours! I rarely wanna stay in the gym for one hour! So, that’s what started these Workout Wednesday posts. I just want to share with everyone simple, quick ways to fit in a workout even if you can’t leave your cubicle.

A couple months ago I vowed to myself that I would start doing 100 squats a day in addition to whatever my workout was that day. The first day I did it, then realized that I could do a little more…so I did. Now I do 200 squats every single day, no matter what my workout has been. I do 100 standard squats followed by 100 sumo squats/deep pliés. They do burn, my muscles do get fatigued, but I tell myself I’m not stopping or resting til I get to 200. I make a promise, a pact with myself and I stick to it. Every day.
If you’re not already an active person, try starting at 50. Tell yourself you are going to do 50 squats without quitting. Then, if you think you can do more, do more. Take 2 minute rest breaks if you need to, just see what your body can do. Then build from there and increase the amount every 3 days.
I have noticed the biggest difference in my booty since I started doing mine (as has my husband ;-). It doesn’t take long, you don’t need fancy equipment… or shoes for that matter. I’ve done them barefoot in my living room, I’ve done them wearing a cocktail dress after a night out, I’ve done them in a bikini in the yard. The point is that it’s just too easy not to do. 
And who knows? You may get a compliment on your booty this summer.
(…seriously. Who wouldn’t want a booty compliment?)
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