My easy, quick, at-home full-body workout

I exercise every day.  Every. Day.  I know that may seem crazy but It’s just a natural part of my day. My brain has just always been wired to do so. I don’t go to the gym for an hour everyday, or run 5 miles everyday, but I do some sort of exercise every day. I do it for my mind, for my body, and for my spirit. I used to only do it for my body and therefore I never had a good relationship with exercise. (I also never had good, consistent and lasting results) But once I got my mind and spirit involved, I fell in love. It’s not always easy, but exercise is as routine as brushing my teeth.

Sometimes, because of my schedule, I have to combine a lot of different things to create a day smattered with random exercises, and today I’m gonna share with you one of my easiest routines that I’ll do if I’m feeling extra lazy or need to tack on something else to a previous workout.  You dont need any equipment, just floor space and that strong body of yours. You can do it anywhere- I’ve done it in many a hotel, I’ve done it on the beach, I’ve done it in the yard, but most times you’ll find me doing it right in my living room- alone, or with a little pal…

So here it is, my recipe for a quick and great short workout!
(This is a fast sequence- you go into the next step immediately after completing the previous one, it goes very, very fast- and you will repeat this sequence 2x):
100 jumping jacks
20 push-ups
20 crunches
10 mountain climbers
1 minute plank
10 burpees
————immediately repeat again
Then, after your second round, get down on all fours, arms straightened, knees down and placed directly below the hips, and complete the following leg-lift or donkey kick sequence:
20 donkey kicks- first knee bent, lift up from hip level and raise with foot flexed as if you’re pushing something up to the sky with the bottom of your foot, return back to hip level (not to the floor). Repeat other leg.
20 donkey kicks- knee bent, lift out to the side at a 90 degree angle…like a dog on a hydrant. Repeat other leg.
20 donkey kicks- leg beginning bent and tucked into chest, then extending out, back behind you and up to the highest it can go. Repeat other leg.
Let me know if you have any questions!
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