The Turkish Get-Up

…sounds like a dance doesn’t it?  The Turkish Get-Up. Sounds like something only performed on wedding reception dance floors. But no.  The Turkish Get-Up is no dance.  No, no.  The Turkish Get-Up (or my version of one) is a really great exercise that I just started adding to my routine last week after my husband introduced me to them.  It targets all your muscles at once and gets your heart rate up in such a short amount of time.  I’m in love!!! All you need is a soft, flat surface, two 5 lb. weights and your willing body.

Now go get, em!

(Be prepared for what you’re about to see…I am NOT in a professionally lit workout studio with a hair and makeup team. (What!!!?!) I know. But really, who can actually relate to all those perfect workout videos where the woman has flawless make-up, no sweat and stiff hair? This is what we all look like working out…right?)  


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