About Me


You wanna know more about me?  Ok, weirdo.

I’ve been an actor, kickboxing instructor and trainer, makeup artist, personal chef, personal shopper, I did voiceovers for porn at one point…

I can recite all the US states in alphabetical order, can burp on command and royally kick your ass if I wanted to but I really truly don’t, promise.

My husband and I moved to Los Angeles after we were married to continue our acting careers but I discovered a passion for great food and wine instead.  I learned what started it all under Chef Suzanne Goin and Sommelier Caroline Styne at the legendary A.O.C. Restaurant and Wine Bar. Then we decided to have babies instead of acting and restaurant careers and packed up the dog and cat and drove back across the country.

Now I work from home – writing and recipe developing for this website, and am working on my first real life book.  I’m a mom of two non-asshole kids who still remain the greatest things I have ever made.  My husband and I and I don’t hate each other after almost 20 years and we somehow decided that owning 2 baby bengal tiger cats was a great idea. We live outside of Charlotte, NC and would love to have you as our guest!

But you’d have to wash your hands before you touched anything, wear clean pants and bring me a present.

The main thing you need to take away here is that I’ve got a lot inside my brain clunking around at all times and sometimes I have the time to put it all down here.  Whether it’s a new recipe, a better version of an older one, make-up and fashion tips, or just something I thought was poignant and moving to help us all get through this thing called life – it is all done with a budget in mind, the purest of honesty, and always with a dash of humor.

Because if I can’t laugh after all that life has thrown at me… then we’re all doomed.

So, stick around and maybe you’ll learn something, maybe you’ll laugh at with me sometimes, maybe we’ll be best friends at the pace which I deem acceptable – you have no say in that matter.

Everyone is welcome here.

Cheers, ya’ll and thanks for reading x

If you’re smart about how you shop, cook, and play- you can drink that metaphorical (and often literal) bottle of Champagne Everyday!