About Me

Welcome to Everyday Champagne! Here’s a bit about me-

I’ve been an actor, kickboxing instructor and trainer, makeup artist, personal chef and personal shopper. Then my life changed when I discovered a passion for good food and wine working in Los Angeles, under Chef Suzanne Goin and Sommelier Caroline Styne at the legendary A.O.C. Restaurant and Wine Bar. I now run this website, teach the occasional televised wine class, develop original recipes, contribute the occasional recipe photo to food companies, am the brand ambassador for several products, style as many things as I can on as little money as possible, and review restaurants on the side.

But really, I’m just Abbey- a hard-working mother of two with a lot of old habits, tips and tricks I can’t seem to shake.  So instead of letting them all drive me crazy, I started a blog when my oldest was my only littlest, to get them off my chest! On here I share original recipes, personal stories and helpful tips on grocery shopping, meal-planning and cooking, as well as advice on fashion, cosmetics and fitness.

I don’t believe you need to spend a lot of money to live a rich and healthy life.  I believe that you should never wait for a holiday to cook the best food you can, put your best face forward, or feel your happiest, and that Everyday is as special as the last.

If you’re smart about how you shop, cook, and play- you can drink that metaphorical (and often literal) bottle of Champagne Everyday!

Now let’s have some fun, yeah?