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Constant Craving & Cinnamon Squares

I’m calculating time in my head and it made my head hurt more than the crying did. Through my calculations, I came up with the following :

My family went through me recovering from surgery, straight into Thanksgiving, then to my son’s birthday, directly into bringing new kittens into the home, then slid right on in to the holidays when our sweet Maggie was starting to drift away… and now it’s January 20th somehow and it just occurred to me on my walk through the melting snow that we have been running a clinic out of our home in some way or another since November. We have had bandages to change every single day for months now. Messes to clean from accidents on the floor. Medications to dole out. Symptoms to gauge. Doctors to visit. Laundry to do and redo and redo. Feeding to adjust. Water intake to monitor. A solid game of defense being played throughout the day to keep one recovering thing safe from another peripheral thing. 

And all of that coming after the adjustment we all had to make once the pandemic hit. The family I had prior to covid changed immediately and completely once we went into lockdown, and the foundation I thought was there turned out to be not a foundation at all… but a mere starting-off point for me to build my own. A stronger foundation for the stronger family that remains to thrive in safety. The four of us went through a hefty amount of emotional healing, then straight into tending to a lot of physical healing.

I thank the moons and stars for that emotional healing, and the pain that ignited it, every single day of my life.

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Maggie Mae

I don’t want to write this. But I know that writing this makes it become something I can look at from an easier angle.  And I really need that right now. 

So this, my dear Maggie, is for you. And it is also for me. 

I’m writing this so I can be healed. 

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Happy days

I do not believe in new years resolutions. If you feel there is something that needs to change, change it when you feel it.

Do not let the calendar, the crowd or traditions make your decisions.

I believe in being a pioneer whenever possible.

I do not believe in blind acceptance.

Question everything.

I believe everything that lasts takes time.

I believe in kindness, and that Good always prevails.

I believe there is a difference between niceness and kindness.

If you live your life as nice, you ignore yourself.

If you live your life as kind, you honor yourself and the ones that surround you.

I believe in you. And so should you.


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Packing Cocktails

This here is a short little tip post. No major commitment here.

I’ve been doing this for a couple years and decided it’s time to share the wealth.

When you’re heading on the road for a weekend getaway and you’re gonna fancy yourself a cocktail or 3 while you’re there… and don’t wanna lug a bunch of bottles and mixers with you… and traveling with airplane bottles makes you feel like a hobo… this is what you do.

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Sour Cream and Onion Chicken

It’s doubtful that I invented this flavor concept for chicken, but I don’t know if new ideas even exist anymore. Regardless, this dish is INCREDIBLE. I made it last night for the family and it was unanimously well-received. And again for lunch today.

If you like the flavor of onions rings and sour cream & onion anything, and love juicy on the inside / crispy on the outside chicken, then you will love this recipe. The method would also work incredibly well with pounded-thin pork chops!

Also? Put this puppy between two buttered, toasted buns with a thin pickle or two and you’ve got yourself some sexy sandwich nirvana.

Essentially what you’re doing is butterflying boneless, skinless chicken breasts and marinating them in a sour cream based mixture, then breading them in those crushed up ‘crispy fried onions’ that come in the can before pan-frying them until golden brown. The sour cream helps tenderize the chicken, as well as flavor it, and the rest is just mouth-watering yummy city.


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