Major Tom to Ground Control…

if you are reading this by an email that appeared inside your email box, it means i have successfully dug myself out of the cyber hole that was created by what i can only imagine was a brain-eating monster siren witch that broke my website months ago.

pls send sandwiches.

if you are not reading this, it means i am talking to myself yet again and will yet again delete this test post.

pls send sandwiches.

and feel free to leave a reply with words of encouragement. something like – you are not crazy, i can see this! or – you did it! you are truly the most important genius our planet needs right now! or – go put on pants, damnit!

…but only if you are reading this by an email that appeared inside your box of emails. if you are not reading this by an email that appeared inside your box of emails, abbey will reply to self yet again.


Food + Wine

Delicate … ( and Crunchy! ) Delicata

If you’re a major gourd fan like myself, you probably have heard of / purchased / eaten / cooked delicata squash.

photo cred : wikipedia

She’s my fav out of all the squashes. Butternut used to hold that title, but ever since I discovered you do not have to put in all of that elbow grease into the delicata… I quickly picked a new winner. I will always love my butternut, but there’s something so very special about not having to change the thing in order to love it.

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Food + Wine


You know those cans of crispy noodles you can buy at the store and use to top salads or other noodley things? You usually have your choice between ‘chow mein’ style, or maybe it just says ‘rice noodles’ or ‘Asian style crunchy noodles’, but it’s an airtight can generally found somewhere on the ‘international’ aisle. Well, I grew up with a salad that called for those in it and it’s a very nostalgic dish for me, but I don’t always keep those things around… and I certainly don’t make that salad enough to allow a can to stay fresh (they do stale up quite quickly). So, I have figured out a way around this extremely serious world problem.

The other day, after coming home from out of town and being very, very tired, I was trying to figure out what groceries we had to make a meal and that particular salad came to mind. Not having a can of those noodly things on hand, and being under medical orders to stay home and rest (too complicated to get into now, yet imperative enough to the story to mention), I decided the smartest thing for me to do while resting is to make my own.

Which shows you precisely how my brain works.

It felt like less work somehow, and more rest-y to not get in my car and leisurely walk into a store for one item, and instead to mind-construct an at-home version of those noodly things and then stand on my feet while executing it.

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It can either be weird that I haven’t shared in… *checks own site for last post*… six months, or it can just be something I did like how you haven’t called that friend in months or finished watching that show you thought you loved until they wrote a baby into it and it got sad or that you have bangs now and don’t wanna talk about it (calm down I don’t have bangs now these are just examples of life things that don’t need explaining ot defining). And then organically, over time, maybe I will just leak out the reasons why I haven’t shared in that amount of time. Or maybe not. Certainly not unique to me, the past several years involved sickness and health, deaths that parted us- both literal and metaphorical, and a whole lot of delicious life that came after the shrapnel. So, yeah. We could make it weird. But that’s a waste of energy. Life, and shit happens. Both are inevitable. And they both weed out the gunk eventually. I think we spend too much time explaining why we do things, or don’t do things, or why we’re thinking about doing this thing, or why we should or shouldn’t do that thing, and by the end of the thing – we’re all just exhausted from all the things.

I’ve also been writing a book.

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Sausage and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Hi! I haven’t caught my breath since Thanksgiving, you?

I found a pocket of time to take a photo of our dinner and wanted to share it with y’all. Ok – to be honest, I felt pressure to share it with ya’ll. The want was still there, but it was driven in the car by the pressure. I haven’t had the time to post in forever, and I do think about that a lot. I won’t apologize for it… but I do think about it a lot and sometimes it weighs a bit heavy on the old brain. I cook every day of my life, lots of old favorites and lots of new things. I always have things to say… I could be sharing a lot more here, but… frankly?… life has changed so much that it simply isn’t my priority these days.

And since I’m the boss here, I know I’m able to make this be whatever I want it to be… whenever I want it to be. I do hope you all still want to stick around. And if you don’t? That’s cool too. But what I’ve learned (one of the MANY things I’ve learned) over the past 2 years is that putting pressure on myself to be anything for anybody else doesn’t do anything good for me. And it takes away from the things, and the people, who matter most to me. So instead of running to my computer, or my phone (talking to you, insta) to share something I did, or thought of, or created…. I’m sharing, doing, and creating that stuff with and for the people who matter most to me.

And then sometimes, I happen to find a tiny pocket that allows me to also share it with those of you out there who also greatly matter to me.

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Food + Wine

World’s Best Fantastic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – see brown butter and raisin tolerator

One of the greatest things about being a recipe developer is that you get to just be craving something… and then get up and go make it. And make it be the best. That’s literally the job. And I can say that with full confidence because :

  • 1) Every recipe developer thinks their recipes are the best, otherwise what’s the point? Nobody makes something and goes, meh. it’s fine.
  • 2) I think my recipes are the best (see number 1).
  • 3) This is my site and it would be really depressing if I was trying to sell you on meh.

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