Passport Prison

If you haven’t heard, we’re in a bit of a global passport crisis. Sounds like high class problems and it so very much is compared to literally anything else going wrong in our world right now. But, it’s a thing. And it’s a big one.

If you are trying to travel anytime in the next… 10 years?… and you either don’t have a passport or lost your passport or your current passport is expired or any other reason a passport is a thing that you require…
then you are in a bit of a passport pickle jar, my love.

But maybe I caught you in time because I just got out of passport prison.
And now I will tell the tale of how it was possible.

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Righting The Writing

Are we still saying meta?

This is me writing about writing, call it what you want.

It’s no surprise (or shouldn’t be if you know me and / or anything about psychology) that my life has had an underlying theme of silently pleading for acceptance and the strong desire to just be understood. I’m not alone or unique in that; I think that’s what we all want at the end of the day, right?

To be accepted.

To be understood.

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Busy Day Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

This has been my go-to dinner for those times when I’m gone all day but still wanna come home to a home cooked, delicious meal. Or maybe my fridge is a little barron from the busy week… It’s almost too simple to share, but I need to get over that part of myself. I’d share more things on here if I wasn’t thinking everything needed to be monumentally mind-blowing.

That’s just dumb and I’m aware. Working on it.

Here’s the IG reel exhibiting precisely how easy it is : Everyday Champagne on Instagram

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Tears for Tears

You know the idiom, crocodile tears? It’s used to refer to someone who cries for reasons like grief or guilt, but doesn’t truly feel those things. Someone, showing literal tears or not, who’s pretending to feel something in order to manipulate the situation in some way. It dates back to the 13th century after crocodiles were observed eating their prey with tears in their eyes as they did it. So the implication was that the crocodile was performing the ultimate act of pain onto another while their outward expression showed remorse. Essentially, shedding hypocritical tears. There’s even a human condition with this behavior called Bogorad’s Syndrome, or Paroxysmal Lacrimation, a.k.a Crocodile Tears Syndrome in which people uncontrollably cry while they’re eating. It’s believed to be caused by a misdirection of what should be saliva to lubricate and facilitate the chewing, to the tear ducts instead.

Almost every animal produces tears, even that crocodile… or they produce what we humans recognize as tears – some sort of liquid stemming from the eyeball region. An exception to this are rabbits, goats, all aquatic mammals, and elephants… all whom don’t even have tear ducts. The elephant is a surprising one on that list because a lot of images show them with watery eyes. But what looks like crying on an elephant is actually their body having evolved to steal water based liquid from their third eyelid to do things like protect the eye from debris or the climate. And while having a third eyelid to me sounds like a kickass superpower, we humans and most primates are some of the only creatures to not have them anymore. Fun fact, though – that tiny, pink part of the corner of your eye? That is actually the remnant of what once was a third eyelid. We just evolved to not need one anymore, but that little pink thing is all that’s left of it. It’s vestigial, meaning it’s a thing that we still have that no longer serves its original purpose, like our appendix or our tailbone, or all my underwired bras.

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Food + Wine

One Pan Roasted Chicken Puttanesca and Such Things as Free Meals

This time of year we can all use a one pot / one pan meal. We’re all in a post-holiday state of whiplash and if you’ve got kids like me, you’ve probably been forced into a game of catch-up or be caught. AND if you’re anything like me, you still want to feed you and your family home-cooked meals. It’s easy to rely hard on takeout and, my goodness, there’s nothing wrong with that. I love me a meal I don’t have to cook (counting down the seconds until I get my poke bowl). BUT that’s not the point of this post. Or this website. I mean, what kind of site would this be if I signed on to just tell you to go somewhere else and eat. I know it’s what a lot of us do more of these days, and I’m never here to judge, but I still like to hold onto the hope that there are a remaining few folks out there who cook most of their meals at home and want more inspo in that department.

*tap tap* is this thing on?

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DIY Carpet Deodorizer

This is embarrassingly simple and I hope it isn’t wasting your time or insulting your intelligence, but my goodness is it stupid easy (and cheap) to make your own powdered deodorizer for your carpet. 

You know the kind… that orange box of white powder made by the same people who make that orange box of white powder you’ve had in your fridge for 9 years… 💪 🔨

Ok so maybe you don’t have carpet. Maybe you don’t have indoor pets or toddlers who make smelly messes on your carpet. Maybe you don’t use this product at all and don’t give a crap, that’s fine. But you probably do have at least one rug somewhere in your home, right? An upholstered couch? Come on, you’ve got a mattress, yes? And maybe you have at least one smelly friend who really never fully leaves your space after he’s gone… (and if you don’t then you’re the smelly friend. sorry that’s just nose math.)

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