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Sausage and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Hi! I haven’t caught my breath since Thanksgiving, you?

I found a pocket of time to take a photo of our dinner and wanted to share it with y’all. Ok – to be honest, I felt pressure to share it with ya’ll. The want was still there, but it was driven in the car by the pressure. I haven’t had the time to post in forever, and I do think about that a lot. I won’t apologize for it… but I do think about it a lot and sometimes it weighs a bit heavy on the old brain. I cook every day of my life, lots of old favorites and lots of new things. I always have things to say… I could be sharing a lot more here, but… frankly?… life has changed so much that it simply isn’t my priority these days.

And since I’m the boss here, I know I’m able to make this be whatever I want it to be… whenever I want it to be. I do hope you all still want to stick around. And if you don’t? That’s cool too. But what I’ve learned (one of the MANY things I’ve learned) over the past 2 years is that putting pressure on myself to be anything for anybody else doesn’t do anything good for me. And it takes away from the things, and the people, who matter most to me. So instead of running to my computer, or my phone (talking to you, insta) to share something I did, or thought of, or created…. I’m sharing, doing, and creating that stuff with and for the people who matter most to me.

And then sometimes, I happen to find a tiny pocket that allows me to also share it with those of you out there who also greatly matter to me.

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Food + Wine

World’s Best Fantastic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – see brown butter and raisin tolerator

One of the greatest things about being a recipe developer is that you get to just be craving something… and then get up and go make it. And make it be the best. That’s literally the job. And I can say that with full confidence because :

  • 1) Every recipe developer thinks their recipes are the best, otherwise what’s the point? Nobody makes something and goes, meh. it’s fine.
  • 2) I think my recipes are the best (see number 1).
  • 3) This is my site and it would be really depressing if I was trying to sell you on meh.

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Sponsored by C Space & Instagram

Hey guys! I’ve got a little something different to share today. And it’s a #sponsored post ✨

I’ve happily partnered with C Space and Instagram to help raise awareness for a confidential online research community that’s designed to unite teens. If chosen, your teen (ages 13-17) will be working closely with some of the leaders of Instagram to help mold and inspire the future of social media services and products. They will get the chance to share actual feedback within a private online community about their opinions on a wide range of social media related topics, including shopping trends… plus they can also earn rewards just for their participation! (*see below)

It’s also a really convenient process… because we all know how hard it is to get a teen to do anything on anyone else’s timeline… they can log-in whenever it’s convenient to them – any time of day or night – from anywhere they choose. So not only would they be gaining great experience working with the leaders of Instagram… they get to do it in their own teenager way!

There’a a link below. And here are the quick facts that may help you and your teen make the decision as to whether this is something you would want to do :

  • Members in the private and confidential community share their opinions about all things social media.
  • Discussion topics, polls, and news are shared only by fellow members and community facilitators.
  • Participants will receive recurring Amazon e-gift cards for their contributions*
  • This is a 3 month project, with very limited spots available.
  • Again, ALL feedback and opinions will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

So essentially, this is a unique opportunity for your teen to connect with other teens through a safe space to share ideas and brainstorm ways to directly influence Instagram’s future offerings!

Now. Here is the qualifying #SocialCircle survey link :

Look, I have a teenager and we all know things are much different now than when WE were teenagers… so I really love the idea of allowing the teens themselves to have some influence on how things go out there. We can’t control everything… but we can all try to take opportunities to do little things like this to try to keep things on track.

thanks for reading. y’all. much love x

Food + Wine

Constant Craving & Cinnamon Squares

I’m calculating time in my head and it made my head hurt more than the crying did. Through my calculations, I came up with the following :

My family went through me recovering from surgery, straight into Thanksgiving, then to my son’s birthday, directly into bringing new kittens into the home, then slid right on in to the holidays when our sweet Maggie was starting to drift away… and now it’s January 20th somehow and it just occurred to me on my walk through the melting snow that we have been running a clinic out of our home in some way or another since November. We have had bandages to change every single day for months now. Messes to clean from accidents on the floor. Medications to dole out. Symptoms to gauge. Doctors to visit. Laundry to do and redo and redo. Feeding to adjust. Water intake to monitor. A solid game of defense being played throughout the day to keep one recovering thing safe from another peripheral thing. 

And all of that coming after the adjustment we all had to make once the pandemic hit. The family I had prior to covid changed immediately and completely once we went into lockdown, and the foundation I thought was there turned out to be not a foundation at all… but a mere starting-off point for me to build my own. A stronger foundation for the stronger family that remains to thrive in safety. The four of us went through a hefty amount of emotional healing, then straight into tending to a lot of physical healing.

I thank the moons and stars for that emotional healing, and the pain that ignited it, every single day of my life.

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Maggie Mae

I don’t want to write this. But I know that writing this makes it become something I can look at from an easier angle.  And I really need that right now. 

So this, my dear Maggie, is for you. And it is also for me. 

I’m writing this so I can be healed. 

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Happy days

I do not believe in new years resolutions. If you feel there is something that needs to change, change it when you feel it.

Do not let the calendar, the crowd or traditions make your decisions.

I believe in being a pioneer whenever possible.

I do not believe in blind acceptance.

Question everything.

I believe everything that lasts takes time.

I believe in kindness, and that Good always prevails.

I believe there is a difference between niceness and kindness.

If you live your life as nice, you ignore yourself.

If you live your life as kind, you honor yourself and the ones that surround you.

I believe in you. And so should you.