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Hi! How’s life? It’s October! It’s not hot! That’s great news! Fall has been ridiculously stubborn this year and I’m so ready for pants. Ok, enough small talk. Let’s get real. I have a migraine and I don’t want to be typing for too much longer, so bear with me. There’s a big payoff by way of colorful carbs at the end, so you’re good.

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Food + Wine

Summer ‘Egg Rolls’

Who loves summer rolls?!

*hands raise”

Summer rolls are simply one of my favorite things ever. Light, fresh, satisfying… all of the reasons why I love sushi are also why I love summer rolls. I’m a sucker for crunchy, light, bright things that are also satisfying with healthy fats, lean protein and complex carbohydrates. If you’re unfamiliar, a summer roll is a Vietnamese cold roll filled with either cooked seafood or meat, plus fresh vegetables and sometimes noodles or bean threads, wrapped in thin rice paper and served with a dipping sauce. They’re so easy to make yourself, and I usually make them with shrimp or crab along with julienned raw vegetables (cucumber and avocado are musts) and fresh herbs like basil, mint and cilantro. A container of rice paper is fairly inexpensive and seems to last a lifetime, so it’s a great healthy go-to meal if you have enough of the fresh ingredients on hand!

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Food + Wine

cheddar brats in puff pastry a.k.a FANCY PIGS IN A BLANKET

Cheddar brats in puff pastry…with everything seasoning and a horseradish honey mustard sauce, that is.

Holy Smokes.

They’re too good., Too good, y’all. And that says a lot when the original is already super tasty. But this?

This is fire.

I love making fancy versions of yummy, trampy things. Who doesn’t love a pig in a blanket??! Whether they’re tiny at a party, or big for a meal… they’re just a really good thing.

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Food + Wine

green tea cooler

Let me explain to you precisely why I created this recipe.

First let me allow you to paint a mental picture of current Me. I am in extra large sweatpants and extra large John Lennon t-shirt on my couch with my laptop in my lap (ha. just got that). I retrieved such clothing from my basement guest room. So, just to be clear – I am wearing secondhand Abbey clothes.

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Food + Wine

Buttermilk Yogurt Ranch Dressing

I confess that there are many things about me that are completely unAmerican.  (let’s ignore all the obvious political reasons and focus more on the food ones, k?).  

I do not like mayonnaise.

I do not like ketchup.

I do not like marshmallows.

And I do not like ranch dressing.  

Yet, here I am giving you a recipe for ranch dressing.

…which happens to have mayonnaise in it.

And guess what:?

I like it.

I like it a lot.

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