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Yes. You can make a very delicious bagel at home with only 2 ingredients. And you don’t have to wait for dough to rise, and you don’t have to boil anything first. WHAT???!! Yep. Is the texture slightly different? Well, yeah. It’s not a traditional bagel recipe or technique. But they’re so good!! And SO easy. Honestly, the best way I can describe the texture is Bagel with a hint of Biscuit. But specifically those ‘homestyle’ biscuits that come in the tube. Not the flaky layers kind, but the homestyle variety. You know 😉 .

They’re really truly super yummy.

I saw recipes like this pop up last year on a lot of those point-counting diet sites and never gave them the time of day. I LOVE bagels… and I think the fact that they had been advertised as anything diet just turned me off. But I looked into it, played around with it (a lot. We’ve had a LOT of bagels these past couple of quarantined months!) And just tweaked it to my liking… So here we are!

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I haven’t really spoken out about what’s going on in the world… partly because that’s what everyone is doing right now and I definitely do not consider myself the place someone would go for such information. But the more days that pass, the more I realize that this space has always been my safe space for sharing my life. It’s small, but it’s my small platform, and I own it. I take that very seriously. And my life right now just happens to have me going through something we all are going through at the same time. I can’t think of a time that has ever happened. This is not about politics or religion. This is not something that needs to divide us. This virus has no favorite or chosen one. This virus does not hold back. This virus does not respond or adapt to prayers or meditation (that can certainly and definitely help us get through it and I highly encourage finding your version of that to help you on a daily, personal level.) This virus does not care how you vote or where you live or what car you drive or the color of your skin or how much money you make or what’s between your legs. This virus is not opinion or belief. It is fact.

And it is fact for all.

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Homemade Fortune Cookies

Hell yeah I made fortune cookies.

I even made ’em twice times.

The double batch was for science. I was not happy with how my first batch turned out – the flavor was spot on, but the texture was off. They were crunchy on the outsides like you want… but softer and kinda sticky in the middle, and they also didn’t cook evenly. Not good enough. SO. I fixed the problems today and am now a fortune cookie monster master.

Last night I made a Chinese take-out fake-out for the family, which was the first appearance of the homemade fortune cookie. It was such a fun project to work on during the day, with a delicious payoff in the end. I made vegetable lo mein and baked spring rolls and we ate on the floor in front of a movie in various forms of stretchy cotton.

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Baked Sweet and Savories

I woke up before everyone else this morning and had ample time to think about food. I’ve been making sure every one of our meals is made with intention these days – focusing on not wasting and repurposing as much as possible, and getting even more creative with the meals than I normally do.

I mentioned last post that I have already written down all that I have in my fridge, freezer, pantry, etc. and mapped out what needs to be used first and various meal ideas. So I knew I had a loaf of cinnamon bread from a neighbor a few months back waiting patiently in my freezer.

< thought bubbles >

Obviously the first thought with such a bread would be french toast… but this loaf was pre-sliced and I actually don’t like french toast unless it’s super thick pieces, because I love the insides being tender from the custard and the outsides being crispy.

Sandwiches. It must be sandwiches.

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…because we better learn quick how to make the things we love.

I really don’t want to go into any coronavirus details. Do you? You’re getting all of that elsewhere and we need to just start thinking of this as a new normal for the time being. I mean, stay the hell at home, but we don’t need to get into everything here, right? You don’t come here for that anyway.

So it’s probably no secret that I’m a super prepare-er and planner and keep my kitchen and home stocked with back-ups all the time. Just on a normal week. My oldest and bestest friend in the world sent me a text over the weekend…

How are things? I feel like you’ve been training for this moment your whole life. 😍

I laughed at that for, oh… about 7 minutes. (We can all still joke and laugh now, right? Let’s not stop that. I mean, stay the hell at home, but let’s make sure we still find joy in things.)

So, yeah. Guess there’s never been a secret about my ways.

But I don’t stock up in, like, a freaky hoarder way… but more in a ‘well, we just don’t know what’s gonna happen and I’d rather be prepared for anything and then relax through life knowing I got it covered’ sort of way.

I also like making my own versions of things at home… and I know I’m not necessarily normal in doing any of these things. I like that I can control what’s in the things I’m eating or drinking, and I can feel better about all of it. Not just because the ingredients are likely to be more fresh and better in a homemade thing, but also because I truly feel proud and all around elevated making my own stuff.

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Spatchcock Chicken, Re-visited . See Also Spatchcock Turkey

Ok, won’t be long here as this is sort of a post to remind you of old posts, but then putting them all together in one cohesive new post. Ya dig?

On my IGTV today, you see me demo how to Spatchcock a chicken, which is also something you can do for your Thanksgiving turkey! Same exact method, just a bigger bird in need of a bigger roasting space. That’s all.

Spatchcock. Ok, so Spatchcock is essentially to flatten it, or sort-of butterfly it. More surface area gets exposed to the heat contact, creating more yummy crispy bits, the breast won’t dry out, and it cooks in about half the time.

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