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Packing Cocktails

This here is a short little tip post. No major commitment here.

I’ve been doing this for a couple years and decided it’s time to share the wealth.

When you’re heading on the road for a weekend getaway and you’re gonna fancy yourself a cocktail or 3 while you’re there… and don’t wanna lug a bunch of bottles and mixers with you… and traveling with airplane bottles makes you feel like a hobo… this is what you do.

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Sour Cream and Onion Chicken

It’s doubtful that I invented this flavor concept for chicken, but I don’t know if new ideas even exist anymore. Regardless, this dish is INCREDIBLE. I made it last night for the family and it was unanimously well-received. And again for lunch today.

If you like the flavor of onions rings and sour cream & onion anything, and love juicy on the inside / crispy on the outside chicken, then you will love this recipe. The method would also work incredibly well with pounded-thin pork chops!

Also? Put this puppy between two buttered, toasted buns with a thin pickle or two and you’ve got yourself some sexy sandwich nirvana.

Essentially what you’re doing is butterflying boneless, skinless chicken breasts and marinating them in a sour cream based mixture, then breading them in those crushed up ‘crispy fried onions’ that come in the can before pan-frying them until golden brown. The sour cream helps tenderize the chicken, as well as flavor it, and the rest is just mouth-watering yummy city.


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Food + Wine

My Sandwich Bread

I started making my own sandwich bread in the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. We didn’t outsource anything unless absolutely necessary for a whole year, and a lot of really great things came out of that time. I developed recipes that are now family favorites… we became much more environmentally conscious as a whole… and are all around a closer and wiser team after going through everything that we did together.

Plus, being out of bread is a horror movie plotline in my world.

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Use The Broken

When something breaks 

you can decide to look at the pieces 

scattered and shattered
jagged and jarring

the pieces of a previous something
a something that no longer resembles what once was 

And you can throw them away


You can pick up those broken pieces
carefully and with loving hands

choose the perfect glue

a glue made of the resilience formed after the breaking  
to piece them back together

and see it as a now stronger something that
You built on your own

opposing the other thing that

someone else built For You 

that was weak enough to fall apart in the first place

You then have become your own keeper
your own maker

your own Whole and Complete thing

The broken pieces were not the proof of a broken existence

The broken pieces became the parts that were used to build a stronger model

(sometimes i speak words into my phone on long walks and decide to share)


Everyday Makeup

There will always be makeup trends. A lot of them are really fun to play with and some, you just sit back and wait until it passes. But the good stuff stands the test of time, and it really isn’t all that complicated to achieve.

Makeup that evens out your skin-tone, gives you a sun-kissed dewy glow, highlights your features AND makes you still feel comfortable in your own skin will always be on trend.

And everyone needs a little sparkle in their day ✨🌟💫