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Everyday Champagne

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    My Sandwich Bread

    I started making my own sandwich bread in the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. We didn’t outsource anything unless absolutely necessary for a whole year, and a lot of really great things…

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    Use The Broken

    When something breaks  you can decide to look at the pieces  scattered and shatteredjagged and jarring the pieces of a previous somethinga something that no longer resembles what once was  And you…

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    Everyday Makeup

    There will always be makeup trends. A lot of them are really fun to play with and some, you just sit back and wait until it passes. But the good stuff stands…

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    chicken and Orzo Bake

    Nobody doesn’t like a one pan dinner, right? The grammar police maybe didn’t like that sentence, but I still stand behind the sentiment. Whether it’s a one-pot stew, soup or braise to…