How to Accidentally Break Up a Family

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Something I wrote a while ago got picked up by a publication specializing in mental health and addiction

While my heart aches for the number of people it resonated with, I couldn’t be more touched by those who have reached out to tell me that my words have helped their clients, their friends and family… 


Being on the other side of trauma; having cleared all the undigested waste that festered inside of me for years, 
gives me the privilege 
– the duty – 
to now stand on an impenetrable foundation with a safe hand for those who are still walking through theirs. 

I am here for all of you who need help standing and taking those first steps towards a stronger and more peaceful life. 

Please continue to reach out if you need me.  

The symbiosis that exists within human healing is what creates a kinder tomorrow. 

You are loved. 

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written January 2018 :
I, As Well

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