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    I wrote a little piece on medium the other day and failed to share it here… mainly because I’ve been traveling – and both the trip and the re-entry has been bananas…

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    Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

    Welp, I suppose I should apologize for that post that I published… over a month ago… just now leaping into your inbox. I’m pretty sure I talk about how much I love October…

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    Birthday Suitcase

    Doesn’t everyone pack naked? I’m packing for my birthday trip that I keep forgetting is my birthday trip bc I’m deliciously old.And I guess birthdays used to be about getting stuff that…

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    Passport Prison

    If you haven’t heard, we’re in a bit of a global passport crisis. Sounds like high class problems and it so very much is compared to literally anything else going wrong in…

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    Righting The Writing

    Are we still saying meta? This is me writing about writing, call it what you want. It’s no surprise (or shouldn’t be if you know me and / or anything about psychology)…

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    Tears for Tears

    You know the idiom, crocodile tears? It’s used to refer to someone who cries for reasons like grief or guilt, but doesn’t truly feel those things. Someone, showing literal tears or not,…