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    Righting The Writing

    Are we still saying meta? This is me writing about writing, call it what you want. It’s no surprise (or shouldn’t be if you know me and / or anything about psychology)…

  • Fun

    Tears for Tears

    You know the idiom, crocodile tears? It’s used to refer to someone who cries for reasons like grief or guilt, but doesn’t truly feel those things. Someone, showing literal tears or not,…

  • Fun

    DIY Carpet Deodorizer

    This is embarrassingly simple and I hope it isn’t wasting your time or insulting your intelligence, but my goodness is it stupid easy (and cheap) to make your own powdered deodorizer for…

  • Fun

    The Lightness Of Me

    You know what I find fascinating? The mind-body connection and how that can change throughout your life. It is so highly important to nurture a strong and intentional connection with your mind…