The Truth About The Truth

I’ve fielded a lot of people’s questions regarding the reaction I’ve received from publishing my article, How to Accidentally Break Up a Family. I’ve also gotten an incredible response from so many people that has brought a whole new life to my story. The afterglow of it all has been solid proof that telling the truth and sharing it with others is such a great connector… and that being so personal and vulnerable and painfully honest is what universally makes us all human.

And with all of that being said and true, there’s also a sharp side to telling your story. Making any sort of great change in life has never been easy. Talking or writing about something that involves other people will always bring some colorful flare to the party. And while I didn’t write anything To anyone, or At anyone, I fully accept that my little pebble I’ve tossed will continue to ripple the water for as long as what I have to say remains relevant.

I know that as many people I’ve had reach out to share their stories with me, or tell me how much mine meant to them, there are a lot of people who are scared to reach out and connect… or reconnect.

My story isn’t an easy one to digest. Just like me, it has a lot of bumps and twists and crags that ultimately created a beautiful love story. It’s also caused some people to vanish. But I know that every little thing that left me has shown me such a meaningful gift and taught me such a special lesson. If something is so tattered and fragile to be picked up by the slightest bit of breeze, then it wasn’t built to last. And the people who are still in my life are the ones who have built a home there. Being given the gift to see precisely who is sturdy in my life is something I would never trade for any amount of painful reality it was to watch someone leave.

I wrote a tiny little something about the reality of what happens after you make the kind of decision that I did.
It’s a 4 minute read on medium.com, titled The Truth About The Truth.

As for tonight… we’re having an Emmy’s party with more chicken wings than we should eat and I will choose all the hottest of hot sauces because while I am really good at learning to stay away from some painful things in my life… I am absolutely terrible at others.

Head on over to medium.com to read the cute little The Truth About The Truth, and if you haven’t read it yet, settle into your cozies and read the biggun’ : How to Accidentally Break Up a Family.

Sending you a lot of love.
Thanks for reading, y’all x

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