Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Welp, I suppose I should apologize for that post that I published… over a month ago… just now leaping into your inbox. I’m pretty sure I talk about how much I love October in it, so…

this is me ensuring you that I have not gone nutso and I am also aware that it is

Anywho, I’ve been traveling so much lately and haven’t had any time to get things out over here!! And right now I literally have 17 minutes before a meeting to get something out.

SO. Since it’s the holiday season (or about to be, depending on how you roll with traditions in your house) so I have a few gift ideas to share with y’all! 

I work with several companies who have shared their sales with me, so I’m just gonna do a whole link dump so y’all can do a little (or a lot) shopping.

I’ll make it as quick and cheerful as I can…

Here we go!

For the coffee lovers, 1st In Coffee has some great deals right now. Anything from French presses, to standard drip machines, to my personal fav – the Moccamaster is all available here.

Prices range from $30 to $360. 

(I’ve personally got my eye on the Capresso On-the-Go for all the other traveling I’ve got lined up in the next couple months 😉 )

Click below to shop their coffee maker list :

Coffee Makers

Espresso machines more what you’re looking for? Great. Click below for 10 whole pages of possibilities, ranging from $129 to $25,500 :

Espresso Machines

And if you’re on a budget and still want to give something coffee, or want to bulk up your gift with a couple bags of beans, a milk frother, bean grinder or cocoa maker, below is their list of gifts under $100 :

Gifts Under $100

Now, ok. Swinging in the total opposite end of what my day looks like, I have some wine deals to offer up as well!

The California Wine Club has several different types of memberships, depending on your likes and style. (And they have gift sets and gift certificates if you’re looking for a one-time gift.) My husband and I have been members of a wine club for so many years and it’s just the greatest thing ever. It’s like Christmas morning every time the box shows up.

Shop all their options below; club memberships are $44 to $220, depending on the level of the membership :

The California Wine Club

What about shoes?
What about shoes for those of us who just wanna be comfortable, damnit.
OrthoFeet has shoes for all feet. You fill out a quick form about what you’re looking for / what your foot issue may be, and they provide you with a list of options to shop for. Boots, sneakers, slippers, sandals, even compression socks… their prices are very reasonable with a ton of options in the $100’s.

Shop below :


Then, the final thing I’ll share today comes from Express Water. They sell all things water filtration / tanks / ways to improve your home’s water system.
Just over the weekend my husband and I (ok, just my husband) changed out the filters in our sinks and – good grief- did we find some nasty crap in there that thankfully didn’t make it’s way into our bodies. So, if it’s been a minute since you’ve upgraded your filtration system in your home, maybe it’s time to look into it?

Shop and learn more below :

Express Water


That’s all I got for today! I hope to be putting together some great holiday recipe ideas for y’all soon… Let me just try to breathe for a minute first 😉

Until then,
thanks for reading, y’all . much love x







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