Fake a full head of hair…without fake hair.

So it’s Makeup Monday…Hairstyling counts as make-up, right?


I have very fine hair. Not only is it fine but it’s also thin. (Lucky girl). So a ponytail on me can look pretty boring unless I perform a little magic.

So here’s how I make my ponytail look fuller without the use of a hair piece.



•Just pull your hair into a simple ponytail- I like to make mine with a part and mess it up a bit.
•Secure with a band the same color as your hair.
•Pull up the top 1/3 of the ponytail and tease it a bit.
•Underneath that top layer of hair, secure a spring clip that’s the same color as your hair, facing into the ponytail and touching it to the hair band.
•Place that top layer of hair back down over it and arrange it so that it’s hidden.
•Tease again if necessary, down the ponytail to make it as full as you’d like.
•Finish with hair spray.
I love the look of a messy ponytail- it’s very rock n roll. So I like to wear it with something that has a little edge.
Faux leather shirt dress- Xhiliration- Target

Gold gladiator sandals-Xhiliration- Target
Gold leaf necklace- Target

(Yep. That’s ma towel…)

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