Cocktails and Dancy

I really enjoy dressing up.  I’m assuming you know this already.  But, as much as I love putting together ‘everyday fun outfits’, I really have a good time getting dressed up for special occasions.  It’s a different kind of vibe, I feel like you’re entitled to take much longer doing it, think more about it, play some music, have a cocktail…And cocktail attire is one of my favs.  Nowadays the rules are pretty lax about what you should and can wear to cocktail parties.  You’re allowed to have more fun than you used to.  Skirts, dresses, pants…even jeans are allowed now- as long as they’re put together in the right way.  And accessories make all the difference in the world.  The right accessory can make the simplest outfit more special.  Good fitting jeans and a white T can be elevated and transformed by adding the perfect accessory.This outfit is a really fun one I put together for a cocktail party…and it’s all about the necklace.



This outfit looks fancier than it actually is, and that’s really only because of the statement necklace, and the way everything fits.  Fit is so key when it comes to looking polished and pulled together.  I’m essentially just wearing a black top and a black skirt with nude sandals and some jewelry.  That really doesn’t sound fancy.  And yet… it is.
You can never go wrong with all black, a nude shoe, and some bling.  Works every time.


The top is from H&M last year.  I found it on their clearance rack for $6.  It’s a poly-spandex blend, and ribbed, and fits like a glove.  The dipped neckline and the way the ‘sleeves’ extend outwards, past the shoulder caps, is always a flattering combo.  It creates the illusion of a broader shoulder and a longer torso… and anything that I can wear that makes anything on my body appear longer is my pal.The skirt is from Target last year, a clearance find- $7.  It’s also a poly-spandex blend so it pairs well with the top.  The blacks in the skirt and top also match, which is another very important key if you’re putting together a black two piece outfit.  They must match.


The shoes are also from Target.  A recent purchase- $24…(exact shoe seen HERE)  And I love them so much.  They are so incredibly versatile…and flattering as hell.  I have short legs so any shoe that can make my legs appear longer and more feminine, has my heart.  I also have them in black.  I highly recommend you own a pair like these because they will continue to be in style and will go with just about anything.The clutch comes from…yep, Target… from their Dollar Spot section years ago.  You’ve seen me with the gold one in this post, and I have it in a few other colors as well.


Accessory wise- I went gold.  It had to be done.  I love how yellow gold pops on an all black ensemble.  Plus, I wanted to wear the amazing necklace I had just bought… which was really how this outfit came to life.  I just started with the necklace and built around it.It’s from a vintage shop in Charlotte called Buffalo Exchange– $8.  I fell in love with it instantly.  It’s just so big and loud and kinda crazy, but also has an elegance to it.  I could also wear this necklace with just a tight crew-neck white t, some skinny jeans and a pair of heels.  It says so much on its own that I really wanted to make sure it had the room to shine.The ring and sunglasses also came from Buffalo Exchange- $5 each… (Ok, so I went on a shopping spree at Buffalo Exchange…did I mention I love that store?)The gold cuff is from Forever21 last year- $5.And you can’t see my ears because of the way I styled my hair, but I have small gold studs in.  The necklace is too big for anything more, and I don’t like the look of nekked earring holes.


(Nail polish also comes from Target – Sonia Kashuk ‘white lie’)
I feel like this outfit is both fun and classy.  I feel like myself in it, I don’t feel stuffy, but I feel appropriately dressed for a nice event.And it also makes me feel kinda dancy.

Thanks for reading, y’all.  Have a good one!  XOXO

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