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I’m pretty tired at the moment.  This week’s been weird.  This whole dang month’s been weird.  But I thought my breakfast was pretty pretty this morning.  And looking at pretty things through a camera lens just makes me smile.

I recognize this should be more of a ‘recipe’ post.  But it’s really just going to be a ‘here’s a picture of my breakfast’ post and kind of a ‘here’s an idea for a breakfast’ post.

You cool with that?


So let me first go into what I eat post-gym every single morning of my life.

I call it Second Breakfast.

And also my Egg Thing.

I first eat a giant hunk of my sourdough bread with my coffee when the sky is still dark and the house is quiet.  Then I go to the gym and work my tushy on, then I come home and make this, still in my sweaty workout clothes.  And it’s ready by the time I get cleaned up.

All I do is take whatever leftover veggie bits I have (sometimes meat goes in there too, but usually it’s vegetables…. and usually they’re roasted.  Super bonus points for roasted veggies in this) and place them in the bottom of my small skillet.

Then I cover with liquid egg whites (I got tired of needing to find a home for so many yolks).

Then I crack 2 whole eggs into the center, and leave them whole.

Add cheese now if you wish. (I do not use cheese in my daily omelettes.  Cheese and I are lovers, but I have to keep him at arm’s length because sometimes he misbehaves.)

I season well with kosher salt and fresh black pepper.

I turn the heat on medium.

I let the bottom and sides begin to set, and once they do, I pull from the sides with a spatula to allow some of the middle egginess to make its way to the outside.

Once there’s a firm perimeter of cooked egg, I cover the skillet with a skillet of the same size to create a stovetop oven of sorts.  (…I also got tired of waiting for my oven to preheat and cook this like a standard frittata AND/OR having to stand by and tend to it like a standard omelette, when I really just wanted to get out of my sweaty clothes while it’s cooking on its own, and have my food ready for me when I’m done.  This method solves everything.)

I turn the heat on low.

And I get myself cleaned up.

Roughly 5 or so minutes later, I remove the top skillet to find my whites have firmed and my yolks to be at about medium.

(I like it when the yolks become gelatinous and semi-firm, but still bright yellow and are no longer loose…but be careful not to take them to hard-cooked. (This has taken a lot of practice.))

Then I gently transfer it to a plate, folding it in half as it falls.

I top it with 1/2 an avocado, diced, and either fresh parsley or arugula, a squeeze of lemon juice and more s&p.

(The combination of that perfectly cooked yolk with avocado is one that’ll make you close your eyes.)

So this morning, I had leftover roasted eggplant, squash, zucchini and onions… And some of mama’s garden tomatoes.  Which got me thinking of ratatouille.

So I made myself a Ratatouille Omelette, in fairly deconstructed form.  The addition of crushed red pepper flakes in the filling was super fun on the tongue. Especially with the lemon on top.


It was good.

Hey guess what, y’all?  It’s Thursday.  And it’s gonna be damn good.  I promise 😉








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