We are not what we eat.

I take bullying very seriously. Whether I’m the target or not. I always have.  Even as a young kid in elementary school, I was the one who stood up to the bullies who were forever taller and most likely stronger than me.  I had the mental strength to do so before I had the physical strength. It’s in my blood to react to such behavior.

I get bullied for my fitness pictures all the time. My body is a constant target for it. But this marks the first time it’s happened on one of my food posts. Maybe this post will help all of it cease? Maybe it won’t. But silence hasn’t worked for me and we all know I can talk my ass off. So here goes.

This is for all the people who sent me hate messages and comments (no longer visible) for my pork butt post last night. Some of you just quietly unfollowed, and I thank you so much for your kindness.

Each individual who had choice words to say about my post (and about me) all happened to have the word vegan in their Instagram caption and name. …And also the word yoga. Which is quite curious to me that someone who publicly claims to ‘find the light’ in others is willing to be so cruel to another human for living their life the way she chooses to live.

I apologize if my photo caused you harm. It was not my intent to hurt my lovely vegan and yogi friends. We actually do have a lot in common.  If you knew me at all you’d know I am a very kind and humane person who eats everything you eat.

But also meat.

Perhaps I should have the word omnivore in my caption so we can avoid something similar happening in the future.

Everyday Omnivore?  I’ll think about it…

I’ve never lied about, nor hidden the fact that I eat meat. It’s present in a lot of my (very well thought out and balanced) recipes. But this is the first time I chose to take a photo of only meat. And I’m assuming that is what offended so many people and caused them to attack me and my character.

I eat meat. That includes scallops to chicken thighs, all the way to pork belly bacon. I also eat eggs, and tofu, avocados and hamburgers, almond butter and peanut butter. I drink good wine and strong beer and hard liquor and coffee with cream and kombucha and seltzer. I eat dark chocolate and pomegranate seeds, kale and farro, coconut milk and full fat sour cream, 2% Greek yogurt and bread made with real wheat (and also by my two hands) slathered with softened butter made from sweet cream.

I eat it all.

I love animals. I respect them. Both living and non. I respect the fact that a living creature gave up his life so I could feed my family.

I also respect the fact that you do not.

And I know where all my food comes from, most of it not coming from a sealed plastic package with a long list of ingredients that I cannot pronounce. I believe in using the whole animal instead of just the pretty parts.

Because a life is worthy of such attention.

I am healthy. I am strong. I am balanced. And I’m sure you are as well. My bones are solid, blood flowing, heart happy. What I do to my body, my body seems to greatly enjoy. And I’m sure yours does as well.

Please do not come at me with judgment on my character based on what I eat. Because I would never do that to you. All I ask is that you are healthy and being kind and respectful to your body.  Outside of that, what you choose to put inside of it is your choice and I would never interfere unless you asked me for help.

Everyone is different. That is what makes us so wonderful! Love what you love. Believe what you believe. But may I suggest you don’t use it as your life’s mission to harm another living creature.

Because, after all… Isn’t that why you chose to be vegan in the first place?

And now back to my avocado toast.

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  • Reply susan downs kornegay November 8, 2015 at 9:25 am

    Hi Sweetheart. I had no idea that you had to deal with such abuse. I’m so proud of you for handling it this way. I love everything you post. You brighten by day every day. I love you. Save my email and send me yours. Screw those phony yogis. A real yogi wouldn’t ever be a hater. : )

  • Reply FnameLname November 9, 2015 at 10:34 am

    I am literally laughing out loud at the thought of people ranting and raving over a photo of a piece of pork. What is happening in our society? When did pork become public enemy number one? Is there real shock value over a photo that any women’s magazine would have displayed without a blink of an eye? Really? Really? Attacking Everyday Champagne because she made a pork roast is hilarious. Being vegan or vegetarian is commendable but like religion or watching South Park, you cannot expect another human being to adhere to the same likes/dislikes that you have. It is in fact rude to even suggest that another should follow your footsteps. Educate those that ask for the information, talk down and preach to no one. A photo of pork roast may be shocking 2000 years from now but we are not there yet and like it or not there will probably be meat eating people as long as there is meat to eat.

    • Reply Everyday Champagne November 11, 2015 at 7:05 am

      Well my goodness. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support!!! And agreed… Perhaps our society should place such passion into something that really can benefit from it? ;-). Have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by and sharing!

  • Reply Marcia January 27, 2016 at 1:19 am

    Brava! The perfect retort, Abbey.

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