Fashion Friday!!- Keeping it Cool and Cute at a Cookout.

It’s hard to dress cute when it’s so hot outside…and you live in such a humid climate. You really do have to think about how you are definitely, for sure, always going to sweat through just about everything on your body! And since I don’t consider it a good idea to wear my gym clothes to every outing, I’m very strategic when it comes to summer dressing.
I have big quads…and very short legs, so I’m not very comfortable in most shorts when there’s sitting down involved. (Maybe that’s why I’m not a fan of summer in general…the sitting down in shorts during those awkward junior high years really did a number on my psyche.) But nowadays you can find pairs that are built to look more like a skirt, with a lot more room in the legs. And when you pair them with an open toe wedge, your legs instantly and magically look leaner and longer. (Smoke and mirrors, that’s what it’s all about.)

So I thought I’d make today’s Fashion Friday post be about what I’m wearing to a Memorial Day cookout.
The bottom line is that I’m really just wearing a tank top and shorts…but when each piece is unique and you add some fun accessories to it, maybe put your hair into a messy bun instead of a simple pony, you trick everyone into thinking you’re wearing something much fancier.
Smoke and mirrors, baby! 
(In this case, splotchy bathroom mirrors…)


Top- bright periwinkle blue sheer hi-low tank- ‘Mossimo’-Target

Shorts- cream lace elastic waist shorts with coral and grey stripe detail- ‘Free To Fly’- Marshall’s

Shoes- pewter/cork gladiator strappy wedges- Banana Republic (gift from a good friend!!)

Toe Polish- Wet n Wild Megalast in ‘Heatwave’

Earrings- coral/gold coin danglies- Forever 21

Bracelet- coral/gold cuff- Forever 21
Rings- all boutique purchases-
turquoise one from Mexico- the yellow from Amelia Island- the garnet from Santa Barbara
Nail polish- Wet n Wild Megalast in ‘I need a refresh-mint’

Hair- snap-in bun roller- H&M


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