For the Lovers

You are my first cup of coffee when the morning eyes are still in bed. 
You are my something frozen on a hot, summer day- 
when the air is so thick you could slice it, 
and the sweat beads as if it were on a string. 
You are my glass of champagne when all I can muster at that very moment, 
all I can do, is sit.  And watch. 
As the tiny bubbles float and fall and float again- 
when all I want to do is forget. 
You are my novel and my sweater when the trees are bare, 
the ground is crisp and the fire is warm. 
You are my glass of Syrah after a hard day’s night, 
where no one listened and no one gave. 
You are my couch, my pillow, my blanket 
when the sun has dipped and the moon is bright. 
You are the bubble bath I pour myself 
when the stress has made its way inside.
You are my Patty Griffin-Let Him Fly, 
my Otis Redding-These Arms of Mine, 
my Joni Mitchell-A Case of You, 
when the loneliness has found a home.
You are my cold sheets when the muscles ache and the head hangs.  
You are my spirit’s friend. My skin’s comfort. My heart’s home. 
You are my One. 


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