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Life is.

Life is this.

My bestest and oldest friend is leaving this small town that raised us. With her husband and four children, whom I love like family.

And I am so unbelievably proud of her.

They gave my husband and me this bowl at their moving sale. I walked by and stared at it for a few days as it sat on my kitchen counter before I knew what to do with it.  Then I placed the cherries inside.

And I said,

OK.  I like this.

This is good.

Life is this.

Right now it’s a bowl full of beautiful and juicy, sweet cherries.  But maybe, for you, it’s an empty bowl, just waiting for you to fill it with whatever you choose.

Then, you know what?  You get to empty it.  And then refill it with more things.

Isn’t that incredible?

Isn’t that just the best news on the planet?

Life is just this great, big vessel that is ours.  It is OURS.  And whatever we put inside is entirely up to us.








You have made me so undeniably happy living in this small town, and you will continue to make me, and the rest of this small and supportive town, so very happy wherever you choose to go.

I love you all.

And also these cherries.

(Need a use for dem cherries?

Make these Whole Wheat Cherry ‘Poptarts’.)

Have a beautiful night, y’all. Each and every one of you are loved. XO

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