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Pot Pie, anyone?

Ok, so I make some variation of Chicken Pot Pie fairly often this time of year.  And tonight I made my first of the season!!

Except this one happened to be a Turkey Pot Pie because I roasted myself a post-Thanksgiving turkey a couple nights ago. But that’s pretty much how it goes… the first thing I want to make with all the Thanksgiving turkey is a pot pie.  So I made mine tonight with my gluten free pastry crust I had made before Thanksgiving and frozen, with the leftover roasted turkey breast, leftover roasted carrots and parsnips and peas from last night’s dinner, and with turkey stock that I slow-cooked all night from the roasted turkey remains.

And took her photograph while I was drying my homemade pedicure…

I woke up this morning with my house smelling like Thanksgiving again, which was a total trip.  And couldn’t wait for dinnertime.  I made the filling after I came home from the gym first thing and had her all prepped for baking by 9 am.

And then when I came home with both my kids from school, all I had to do was stick her in the oven for an hour and a half and dinner was ready.  And oh, good gracious, was it amazing.  I actually feel guilty about talking to you about how good it was.  That’s how good it was.  And?! It all came from scratch and leftovers.

*thumbs up and a wink*

Today I felt like a damn smart lady.

If you missed it, my go-to, all from scratch pot pie recipe post is HERE. (No judgement on the photos, it was ages ago!  But the recipe is still amazing.)

A post with a video of my pastry tips, along with links to my pie crust recipes is HERE.

And I make a Southwestern Chicken Pie with Pimento Cheese Crust that is killer and desperately needs re-shooting, but you deserve to know how it’s made in the meantime.  Click HERE for the post.

Have a happy Thursday, y’all!

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