Short People Got…

This post is gonna be short and sweet.
Big fat emphasis on the short. 
I have very short legs. It’s just a fact. And when you’re one of us short legged people, finding the perfect fitting bottom part of your outfit is a challenge. If we’re talking shorts or mini skirts, they really do have to be fairly short… or else you’re lookin’ like the Hulk. 
A shorter length makes the legs appear longer… Which is pretty much what we want. 

However… Some skirts are too short to ever leave the house in.
Exhibit A…
Thank god for that clutch
It’s a super cute skirt from Forever 21.  I love it.  In fact, the whole outfit is from Forever 21.  Head to toe.  It’s funky and fun and makes me happy.  But I have never ever left the house in it.  I’ve put it on, thought about wearing it…  Then every single time put that tiny thing back on the hanger and walked away.
But I bought it.  And I’ve felt bad for not giving it attention.  I just don’t like to waste things…
So now I feel better.
And back on the hanger it went.
(Accessories cred: Orange vinyl clutch from FiFi’s Fine Resale (unknown label) , white leather cuff from Express (back issue). Black and silver leather cuff- gift from my sweet brother, and turquoise cocktail ring also from FiFi’s.)
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