Sometimes Saturdays…you just need to rest.

…hmm…let’s see, well- I’ve dubbed Saturdays my ‘wild card’ day for blog topics so I’m trying to decide what today’s topic will be. Last week I talked about eating at, and dressing for the Charlotte Knights baseball game that I went to with my family:

But today I kinda need some quiet time before things get loud and crazy again tomorrow for Easter.  We just got back from a short beach vacation…

…where it was really just too plain cold to do anything ‘beachy’…

…and where someone thought it was a good idea for my daughter to drive a boat…

So today I’m in desperate need of a couch vacation. However- there are many things that needed to be done today before tomorrow, many things that I’m having to squeeze into one day. And I think I’m finally done with it all right now.
Cupcakes have been baked and iced and now await the decorations that the kids will add to them later today…
Eggs were boiled last night and decorated this morning…

(Notice the highly attractive laundry drying in the background that may or may not get folded today…)

Carrots were roasted then tossed in honey and cumin for the Easter dinner side-dish:
Asparagus ends were boiled for ‘Cream of’ Asparagus Soup:
My Carrot Cake Scones are ready to be thawed, as I made them and froze them before I left:
The capon has been seasoned and is dry-brining in the fridge for tomorrow’s dinner and peas have been thawed for pureeing. The fresh fruit has been chopped, the champagne is chilling and the bar is set for brunch tomorrow. And tonight it’s breakfast for dinner!!- My go-to meal when I’m beat. I’m making up a new waffle recipe that I hope to share with y’all soon. They’ll accompany soft- scrambled eggs:
…crispy bacon and mucho vino.
But for now I’m enjoying my couch vacation. It’s raining outside, there’s a chill in the air, I just put a very tired princess down for a nap and I have many, many saved TV shows I’m allowing myself to enjoy before the zoo opens up once again.


Happy Saturday to you all!!
Crap. I just remembered I was gonna make biscuits for Brunch.
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