My BFF, Samsung

OK So I haven’t talked about my Samsung in awhile, have I?  Slacking off on my AT&T Brand Ambassador duties over here.  Shame, shame, shame.  Don’t let that fool you though- I’m thinking about this thing all the time…dreaming about it…using it nonstop… I love this thing.  This Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is with me everywhere I go.  No, I’m actually serious.  It’s even with me now as I write this.


Meet Writing Abbey- she’s totally official and stuff

I watch things on it, I listen to my music on it (it’s the reason why I’m now a Spotify member!), I take photos with it, I workout with it- both indoors at the gym and outdoors on a run (rain or shine!!)

(Running on the wet and sandy beach…the Samsung can take it.)


I just really and truly love this thing.  AND what makes me love it even more?  I can be rough with it.  I can have my way with this phone.  Slap it around a bit, show it who’s boss.  No need to worry or be delicate with it, no no.  This thing is Abbey Proof, remember?  This phone lets me be my true self- equal parts clumsy and strong as hell.  Samsung gets me.  Understands me.  I don’t have to pretend to be anyone I’m not with this thing and that makes me love it even more.  Like a friend who just accepts you for who you are, no matter what.
We all need more of those, don’t we?Plus, there’s this other thing… This kind of, possibly embarrassing thing that I feel I need to come clean about.  Alright, here goes.  To be perfectly honest, I’m a cell phone-in-the-bath user.  Guilty as charged.  I know I’m not supposed to be, I know it’s bad for me, I know it’s dangerous, makes me appear needy or too attached to something without a pulse, but it’s the truth.  I like to listen to music while I’m in there…. (and, ok, maybe have the occasional text conversation…) and I get so nervous using my iPhone in the bath because it can easily just fall right in!!  (Um, that’s totally happened, by the way.)  My iPhone is small and dainty and precious and it really makes me nervous having that thing anywhere near water.  But with the Samsung, I can actually relax while I’m bathing (which is kind of the point in a bath, yes?).  Because if I drop that sucker in, it doesn’t matter one bit.

Abbey. Proof.  Love that!!

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy is huge…it was a little hard to get used to at first because of that, I’m not gonna lie, but when it comes to anything media, that big screen is a plus for sure.  Reading anything is much easier on it, and viewing photos of any kind is just plain awesome.  I’m fairly new to Instagram and I gotta tell ya, I much prefer to post things or scroll through my feed on my Samsung.  The pictures are larger (obviously), much more crisp, vibrant, and just plain better all around.

I also get a lot of compliments on it wherever I take it…which is everywhere…so I would like to think that I’m doing a super job at spreading the word about this guy- fulfilling all my fancy ambassador duties…even if you haven’t heard me talk about it in ages.  So hopefully this post makes up for that fact.  Because this thing, this Samsung, has become my new friend- my unconditional loving friend who I know I can count on whenever, wherever.

(Yes, I still know it doesn’t have a pulse, let me have my moment here.)

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