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Packing Cocktails

This here is a short little tip post. No major commitment here.

I’ve been doing this for a couple years and decided it’s time to share the wealth.

When you’re heading on the road for a weekend getaway and you’re gonna fancy yourself a cocktail or 3 while you’re there… and don’t wanna lug a bunch of bottles and mixers with you… and traveling with airplane bottles makes you feel like a hobo… this is what you do.

You pre-make your cocktails in mason jars and when you get to your destination, you use that mason jar as your shaker – add ice, shake shake shake it up and pour into your glasses. (The lid can help strain the ice as you pour if need be.) Then you wash the jars and do it all over again next time.


It’s too easy not to do.

You can do this with most cocktails days in advance (do NOT attempt with anything involving carbonation) and the fun bonus part there is taste-testing while you make them sometimes happens at 10 am and you get a little sneak attack buzz as you go about your day.

Bonus tip : If your cocktail demands garnishes, put those in a separate container. I learned that the hard way last year when I served up my manhattans and ended up with atomic cherries and 1/4 less of the drink in the jar.


Pictured above are 3 of my easy go-to cocktails for a weekend :

My Manhattans

(heavy on the vermouth, extra bitters)

Abbey Road

(a personal twist on a Boulevardier… I’ll share it soon 😉 )

Ginger Bourbon Sour

(bourbon/ginger liqueur/lemon)

There you go! An easy way to have your favorite cocktails away from home… a very important matter that needed tackling today.

…any favorite cocktails you wanna share? bring it on and we’ll co-op.

thanks for reading, y’all. much love x

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