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A Healthier Margarita

Everyone loves a good margarita.  Right?  But here’s the thing- I don’t love them enough to order them out.  And here’s why- unless I know the place is making them fresh, without a mix, without a ton of added and processed sweeteners, I’ll go without.  There’s nothing worse than taking a sip of a margarita, post guacamole bite, and tasting that it came from a bottle.  OK, that was me being dramatic but still- it ain’t fun.

We make margaritas a lot at home.  And usually I like mine traditional, on the rocks, with no salt.  But sometimes I like to ‘fun’ it up a bit and pull out the blender.  (Blended things just make people happy, don’t they? Think about it… When was the last time you were at a beachy restaurant and heard the blender start and not see 12 other people quickly change their drink order?  Never.)  So when I want a fun blended margarita at home, this is what I do… These are so so delicious, only sweetened with the fruit itself, and you can change out the fruit to be whatever flavor you’d like!

Make these this weekend.  K?  K.


In a blender, combine the following…

1 (12 oz) bag of frozen raspberries or any fruit you’d like.  (Mangoes are especially awesome here)
the juice of 1 juicy lime
1/3 cup tequila 
1/3 cup triple sec

Blend until completely smooth…the longer you blend, the more those raspberry seeds will break down.

Drink.  (Cups optional)

*Nutritional Breakdown:
(I’m not a calorie counter but for this case I wanted to show you what you’re up against.

Standard margarita- anywhere from 450-600 calories, but that’s only for 8 ounces.  How many times have you had a 1 cup sized margarita?  Never.  So, technically you’re drinking closer to 700.

My all-fruit raspberry is only 240 calories for 1 large margarita… and by large I mean, well, look at that blender in the picture…then divide by two with your eyeballs (roughly 12 oz).

Damn I’m good.

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