Fashion Friday- The Mysterious Jewelry Party…

One of my best friends co-hosted a jewelry party last night and it took me for damn ever to figure out what I was gonna wear. I became my junior high school self, trying on things and throwing them back, laying dozens of options out on the bed. I’m good at putting together outfits, I can do it all day (otherwise, why would I be wasting your time…?), I just had zero idea how I was supposed to dress for something like this. You invite me to a cocktail party? Oh, honey, I got that covered for weeks. A wedding? No problem. Black tie event? Yep. Royal ball? Abso-freakin’-lutely. I’ve got outfits for every possible occasion in my wardrobe…except this one apparently.  I don’t go to jewelry parties or Tupperware parties or skin care parties- they’re just not my usual thing… (Do I wear jewelry or is that disrespectful because the point is for me to buy their jewelry?  Do I match my clothes to the style of the jewelry they’re selling? No idea!! I’ve been traumatized since that time I went to a makeup party…wearing makeup…which was apparently the wrong move because we were all doing facials and putting on the special magical makeup.  It’s all very confusing to me). You don’t wanna be underdressed…you don’t wanna be overdressed…a room full of stranger-women is the toughest crowd out there- one has to be prepared for battle.

My friend and I were texting all day and trading ideas and pictures, and I finally, last minute, settled on something. I needed something that wasn’t fancy, but not too casual. Cute. Summery…

should I apologize again for standing on my bath tub rim?


And this is what it came down to. I had just purchased this flowy, cotton cardigan at Target on clearance the day before so it felt nice to be wearing a new piece. Everything else was just a bunch of my old stuff strung together to make something new… Which is pretty much how I put together everything.



Turns out I should have worn more jewelry…prizes were given out.  See?  Can’t win.

At least I felt cute.

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