Purple Lips

So I haven’t done a makeup post in awhile… I still wear the stuff, just haven’t written about it.  But a friend of mine brought up the black lipstick trend the other day and it got my mind wandering.  I’m not anti-black lipstick…I just think there should maybe be a nice gateway color before we go all in on the black.  And I think a rich plum color is the perfect shade for that.  So that’s where I went.
If you want a super detailed tutorial on doing a bold lip, see my last post on the subject.  Here I’ll just skim over the details.  Cause the point here is that super dark lipstick is doable, even for someone with my lighter skin.  And the purple lip is just a hell of a lot of fun!!Oh, and the one I use is cheap.  Like…super cheap…


First things first- after you ready your face and even out the skin-tone, apply a small amount of bronzer underneath the cheek bones (avoid a lot of blush, as a bold lip doesn’t need a bold cheek), take some concealer (a shade you would use under the eyes…a few shades lighter than your foundation) and apply to the outer lip line and blend into the lips to create a clean slate for the color and also to help prevent lipstick bleeding.  I prefer to use a concealer pencil for this.  The one below is an N.Y.C. pencil and is discontinued but many cosmetic companies make them now.  Then finish with a little bit of powder over the lips.

As for the eyes, I prefer to stay light on the shadow when I’m doing a bold lip.  Otherwise you’re a showgirl.  And for this rich purple color I decided to do a shimmery gold shadow, and a chocolate brown powder liner right at the upper lash line, some brow bone contouring in a taupe, and lots and lots and lots of mascara.


Then get those lips painted.  Carefully.  This is a super dark shade and any imperfection is noticeable.  So take it slow.  Real slow.

The color I use is Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Sugar Plum Fairy # 908C.  It’ll set you back about 2 bucks at most drugstores.  And has some pretty fine staying power…


And a lot of pigment.  Clearly.Goes on real creamy…  And it doesn’t flake like a lot of long lasting lipsticks do.  The MegaLast line is honestly one of my favorite mattes.  I have so many of their colors and they’re my go-to for this type of look.  (I name some of my other favorite shades in the last Bold Lip post I did awhile back.)

So there ya go!  Short and sweet.

Have a great day, y’all!!  XOXO

(more yumminess to come…;-)

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