Suit up those ankles!

So this isn’t really a workout routine or specific exercise style I’m sharing with you all today, it’s more of a quick and cool (albeit old school) tip to help you get a more intense workout during an already healthy and beneficial activity.

Maybe you already own some of these, maybe you’ll wish to buy some after reading this, but either way- strapping on some ankle wrap weights while you go for a walk will have you burn up to 15% more calories than walking without them.  And when it’s the kind of busy day where you’ve only got the time for a walk, that percentage really makes a difference!

I use my 10 lb weights all the time whenever I push my daughter (or both kids if I’m ‘lucky’) in the stroller. I get a really good workout that way, considering I’m not only walking up our neighborhood hills, but also pushing a stroller with a person/people inside of it… plus wearing ankle weights. I really feel the burn! Sometimes I even put them on to do housework…
This all may seem like a no-brainer (wow, big deal- walk with weights!) but maybe I’ve just reminded you about yours and have inspired you in some way…maybe you’ve got some dusty old weights from the 80’s (ahem, see mine below) in your garage and I just got you to get up and go brush off that dust.
You’re welcome.


Here are a couple links to purchase some ankle weights from (they all have high ratings and are available for free shipping)-
2-5 lbs:
Thera Band Comfort Fit ($20- reduced from $30)
5 lb:
Valeo AW5 ($15)
10 lbs:
Valeo Adjustable Weights ($16- reduced from $40)
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